Sinai pearl brushed

Sinai Pearl Brushed Limestone

Sinai Pearl limestone is a type of natural stone that originates from the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt. It is highly regarded for its aesthetic appeal and unique characteristics. It typically exhibits a light beige or cream base color with subtle variations and veining in shades of gray and brown. These natural color variations give the stone a distinctive and visually appealing look. The stone’s neutral tones make it versatile and suitable for various design styles.

Sinai Pearl limestone is known for its durability, making it suitable for both interior and exterior applications. It has good resistance to wear, making it a popular choice for high-traffic areas such as floors. However, it is important to note that limestone is a softer stone compared to granite or quartzite, so it may require proper sealing and regular maintenance to enhance its longevity.

Sinai Pearl limestone can be used in a wide range of applications. It is commonly used as flooring, wall cladding, countertops, and even decorative accents. Its neutral color palette allows it to harmonize with different design styles, from contemporary to traditional.

About Sinai Pearl Brushed Limestone


A brushed finish is a popular surface treatment applied to limestone and other natural stones to create a textured, weathered appearance. It involves brushing the stone’s surface with stiff bristle brushes or abrasive tools, which removes the softer and less durable parts of the stone, leaving behind a textured finish.

The brushed finish on Sinai Pearl limestone enhances the stone’s natural color variations, bringing out its beige or cream base color and highlighting the subtle gray and brown veining. The result is a beautifully textured surface with a rustic yet sophisticated aesthetic.

Sinai Pearl limestone with a brushed finish can be used in a variety of applications. It is particularly well-suited for flooring, where the textured surface provides slip resistance and adds character to the space. It can also be used for wall cladding, countertops, and other interior and exterior design elements that benefit from a textured and weathered appearance.

Proper maintenance is essential to preserve the beauty of Sinai Pearl limestone. It is recommended to clean the surface regularly using pH-neutral stone cleaners and to promptly wipe up spills to prevent staining. Sealing the stone can also help protect it from moisture absorption and staining, although the frequency of sealing will depend on the specific usage and environment.

The brushed finish on limestone, including Sinai Pearl limestone, offers a unique and textured look that adds warmth and character to any space. Its slip-resistant properties and versatility make it a popular choice for various applications, providing a natural and timeless aesthetic.

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Sinai Pearl brushed1
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Dimensions of the marble tiles: Any Dimension

Thickness of the marble tiles:

Any thickness, regarding the requirements of your project (1 cm, 1.2cm, 1.5cm, 2 cm, 3 cm)

Dimensions of the slabs: 265-300cm x 160-195cm

Thickness of the slabs(Availability): 15-20-30-40-50mm

(up to 200mm by order)



Walls and floors applications, Limestone Counter tops, mosaics of Limestone, Limestone fountains, pool and wall capping, Limestone stairs, windows, Limestone Fireplaces, Limestone Floors, Limestone Flooring, Interiors and Exteriors.

Test Engineering:

Water Absorption: 0.20 – 0.89 By weight %

Compressive Strength: 136.51 MPa

Density: 2305 – 2628 kg/m3

Flexural Strength: 13.1 – 15.7 MPa

Weight of the m2 of 2 cm T: approx. 52 kg

Weight of the m2 of 3 cm T: approx. 77 kg

Country: Egypt( Kefraya, West region of Bekaa Valley)



Sunny Bush Hummered, Polished, Unpolished, Honed, Brushed, Acid, Sandblasted, Tumbled, Striped, Split face.

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