Wall cladding

Wall cladding is when a material is used to cover an exterior wall. It is used to protect walls from water, heat and gas vapors. Without cladding, paint can peel and walls can become damaged.
Wall cladding is also added as an attractive finish to homes. The use of marble finishing as rock face, split face or similar application gives the wall a unique look that is far more appealing than a plain wall.


EMG boast a “one of a kind” selection of designs created by our team of designers.
Your choice of your wall cladding showcases your personality and spirit.

wall cladding
wall cladding

Wall Cladding ” Frets”


Frets are drawings which are engraved onto marble tiles typically by the use of a high powered water jet or milling machine, they can also be handmade

Frets are positioned as prominent features on interior walls and are most often found in kitchens and bathrooms.
They can also be used as decorative pieces for the outdoors highlighting gardens or swimming pools. A variety of shapes and styles are available.

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