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Limestone, Marble, granite Natural Stone.

Egypt Marble from EMG


EMG has its limestone ,egyptian marble & granite quarries & its own egyptian limestone factories and egyptian marble factories in Egypt that make it easy to bypass the middle man and therefore supply direct to our customers and with a competitive price.

Teamwork that enables our skilled engineers and the highly qualified miners & technicians to do their best and work as a one family; paying attention to details in all the stages’ process.

Using professional Italian machineries with our staff’s technical expertise allow cutting our Egyptian natural stone to different sizes plus maintain high quality product. We do also have a polishing and calibrated line at the top quality standards.

EMG owns a shipping company which belongs to its factories

Lime Stone from EMG


EMG owns a shipping company which belongs to its factories so that we can easily deliver and ship CIF to any port worldwide; established specifically to facilitate the process of shipping to our valuable customers all over the world.

Applying latest customer satisfaction’s technique to constantly consider what our valuable customer cares about.
EMG applies the highest quality level of packing methods; using solid wood crates to avoid any broken item.

Order Sample

Our free sample service means you can try before you buy, enabling you to match colors, And we make it so easy; samples can be ordered by sending us an email  and delivered straight to your door free of charge after you make sure that our prices is suitable and by the time you consider ordering from our company

Price Match

It can be confusing when comparing prices and specifications from different suppliers, but not with our Price Match service – we will match the price of any comparable product specification, so you know you’re always getting the best possible deal.

Ensure timely delivery of the desired quality.

granite marble from EMG


We can supply our customers with large quantities of the same materials andsustained colors that they do have; to facilitate implementing their large projects; as we hold large quantities of flooring marble tiles price and granite in stock where most of the items are available ready to be exported to any port in the world.

Ensure timely delivery of the desired quality.

EMG has a staff of professional experts that can help in designing, advising our clients to select the suitable material for their needs associated with photos and videos for our production process to ensure that the client is satisfied about the material before packing and loading in containers.

Our primary goal is to provide our customers with the best possible services



Our primary goal is to provide our customers with the best possible services that are harmoniously integrated in our company; where:EMG is considered one of the most important marble & granite companies in Egypt; rated as one of the top tiles manufacturers in Egypt, we have our own marble factory in Egypt and our Egyptian marble company for exporting

We are always looking for new, exciting natural stone tiles and granite flooring to add to our extensive collection. We also have a range of solid and engineered marble and granite on display at our showrooms. Call today to discuss your requirements and we will happily provide quotations, samples and experts’ advice.

Also, we count ourselves significant in the market as an Egyptian granite supplier.


Our Services

Because of our experience in the market as a Egyptian marble & granite supplier for more than 26 years and our clear focus on customer needs; you can rely on us in providing the highest level of service; as it’s our responsibility to bring you the best Egyptian marble & granite in the market and maintain your ultimate goal.

EMG Manufactures all kinds of Egyptian marble, Egyptian limestone and Egyptian granite tiles, slabs mosaic.

We export and handle shipping in behalf of our clients.

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Our Quarries

EMG extracts some of its most precious limestone & granite in Egypt directly from its quarries located in Sinai Peninsula Region and in South Egypt in Aswan; where marble blocks, limestone blocks and granite blocks come directly from our own quarries to our factories to be cut and manufactured.

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Our Materials

“Made in Egypt” is our source of honor; were you can find the finest and most durable marble, limestone and granite with a true Egyptian taste that known from thousands of years.

Our production is primarily directed at foreign markets; quality of our marble & granite tiles is A1 and they are subjected to various quality checks; during each manufacture phase and prior to export; where all our natural stone tiles conform to EU Standards.

Our fabrication is equipped with the latest European machineries.

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