is a classic and ubiquitous building material. It has been used in construction for thousands of years, and many of the world’s most famous structures, including the Egyptian Pyramids, the White House, the Houses of Parliament, and the Empire State Building, are composed of it. .its a rock created by the deposition of mineral or organic particles on the Earth’s surface, followed by cementation. a sedimentary rock composed primarily of calcium carbonate (marine fossil remnants) with various proportions of clay, silt, or sand. These additional minerals are responsible for the vast diversity of colors seen in limestone, which can be blue or grey, red or tan, soft beige or green. Read More

it’s like marble, is a strong, hard-wearing stone with a softly rough surface, making it a great choice for outdoor spaces and patios. It’s also recognized for its insulating capabilities; in the winter, it won’t get too chilly, and in the summer, it won’t become too hot for bare feet.

Egyptian Limestone Colors

There are hundreds of various varieties of limestone, each with its color, texture, and surface treatment, as well as different numbers and sizes of fossils and permeability. Some are more appropriate for flat outside surfaces than others. Many different varieties of stone can be utilized for a patio or terrace, then used again for other exterior features including wall cladding, pool coping, borders, and trim.

Natural stone tiles come in a variety of shades, including dark grey, light grey, green, blue, gold, buff, cream, and white. Some have a greater range of colors than others. The more marine fossils that are present, the lighter the stone hue.

Purpose, Style & Function

Limestone is highly regarded for its symbolic exclusivity. It adapts well to both modern and traditional settings. The natural grey to beige palette positions the stone to be the most admired for being multi functional and multi-purpose.

The flexibility of the use of this stone allows for different finishes, applications, and free length dimensions including opus pattern , to generate the suitable function and look requested. Natural stone paving is unique in its ingenuous feel and sense of permanence.

Natural Stone Wall Cladding

Natural limestone flooring is largely popular in both domestic and commercial spheres. Beige and light tiles look fantastic in the kitchen, specifically when tumbled to replicate the trending French country home aesthetic or to create a chic commercial space.

Egyptian limestone paving slabs are known for their durability and are the most common choice for driveways. slabs and tiles endure weight and weather changes. Beige limestone pavers are prevalent for building paths, terraces, and patios.

Popular Natural Stone Tiles include:

Although most limestone tiles have a honed finish, some varieties can be naturally split. Like bluestone, it can be thermal led (that is, heated to a high temperature) to give it a more uniform textured surface. Chiseled, tumbled, split, or sliced edges are all options. Dijon tumbled limestone and tumbled limestone paving is the best selection for driveways and more.

Timeless Design

The stone is timeless and is worth every penny. It’s a very dense and durable stone and will essentially add permanent outdoor living space to homes. It is time-tested, aesthetically versatile, has many colors available, can be repeated in other architectural elements, and with good insulating properties. The best type to use whether indoors or outdoors is the beige

Sinai Pearl Limestone


Dijon Tumbled Limestone 



Each project requires a different surface and edge finish to match the application and character of the space in which the stone will be accentuating. Thankfully, at EMG we have state-of-the-art equipment available in-house to be able to finish your stoneware to your requirement and taste. Ranging from the most popular finishes:

Our stoneware experts are at your disposal to assist you in realizing your projects. Contact us for more information on our limestone prices or to discuss your project with one of our natural stone experts.

Egyptian limestone
Egyptian limestone paving

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