The beauty of the stone contributes to the beauty of even the most modest kitchen. They define elegance and luxury. For
– Large range of colors
– Does not stain easily when professionally sealed
– Porous
– Easy maintained
– Becoming more affordable (through CIDG)
– Lasts a lifetime
– Permanent and substantial
-Water proof
– Resists high temperatures

EMG  is presenting marble & granite kitchen counter tops.  This stoneware is better suited to a kitchen than a standard kitchen counter for the following reasons :

These reasons these two earth’s treasures became rated the second hardest mineral after diamonds.

competitive prices. , granite, onyx and travertine sinks at Egyptian  marble-Stone sinks have been coveted for many years to enhance the beauty of often uninspiring areas in the kitchen, bathroom or laundry, EMG supply


Vanities are counter tops with sinks found in both kitchens and bathrooms They are appropriately engraved to ensure water flows back into the sink. A variety of decorative edging can be selected.
Vanities can be manufactured in both straight and rounded or curved styles.
Choose from CIDGs special selection or simply send us your measurements and we will produce a variety of designs for you.