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About EMG

Everything EMG does and the success of all our projects is completely dependent on the talent, experience and dedication of our staff. Our customers expect the highest quality Egyptian Marble& Granite at a sensible price . All of our staff have been chosen because they are highly skilled in their area of expertise. We are lucky to be in a market town with one of the highest ranking universities in the country, allowing us to draw on a very talented pool of potential employees.

Egyptian Marble Factoy

EMG has been established since 2006, originally supplying limestone floor tiles to clients of our sister company, CIDEGYPT. We now offer a wide selection of natural stone tiles at highly competitive prices from our dedicated flooring showroom, along with our terracotta and porcelain tiles and collection of handmade tiles. 

Our sister company CIDEGYPT has been established in 2006. (CIDG) was established to supply the world's needs of marble, granite and all stoneware items directly from our quarries and mines here in Egypt.



We have created unique and innovative designs with the co-operation of Mr. Hazem Shoukry designs in which we are his sole agent and who is well known and graded as the best natural stone designer in Egypt.

  We also have the capability to manufacture the stone according to the customer's specifications. This enables us to cater for the large range of preferences requested by our buyers from various countries and nationalities. The overwhelming spectrum of multicolored hues definitely entices a wide variety of buyer.

Egyptian Marble Granite can offer a wide variety of stoneware products for a multitude of purposes. Whilst we are mainly dealing with Marble and Granite products, both Egyptian and International.
You can find in our company Egypt marble,granite and limestone.
All this and more,
with a very high quality for goods and best modern ways for production.
And also we have a very good prices,and in our Marble Art you can find alot you will love and also you want.
We can custom make any design you want by given the appropriate dimensions and our expert designers and engineers can recommend which stone would be most suitable for each project..

tumbled limestone