Flooring Tiles

Outdoors Flooring & Swimming Pools

Concerning Outdoor Flooring: We can help you to choose from our wide range of outdoor natural stone pavers; we do have many natural stone paver patterns; either outdoor granite tiles or limestone outdoor tiles.

Outdoor Flooring used mostly in large business or housing development.

Outdoor limestone pavers are covered with hard tiles that allow straight, clean and anti-rain paving as well as adding to the beauty of the area.

You can use the limestone tile outdoor also at the swimming pool area (i.e using the limestone pavers around pool); our limestone pool pavers have a slip resistance that prevents serious injuries.   

Anti-slip finishing/rough finishing can be added to Pavers around swimming pools to provide a safer wet area.

Moreover; EMG has a stock range of mosaics perfectly suited for the swimming pools.

Flooring tiles "Indoor"

 Indoor floor tiles are the most important feature of the home, it is the focal point of the room and the base of all other means of interior decoration, it should, therefore, be made from natural stone.
The wide variety of color of natural stones gives a spectrum of choices of flooring tiles each with a spectacular interior finish. The fact that the natural stones are heat and water resistant, in addition to an electrical Insulator acting as cover for the wires and pipes underground, only adds to their appeal. Spilt liquids, dust, scratches and other incidents can be received by the natural stone safely by applying the right maintenance and stone care methods.
You can choose the material and finish from our collection.  You can either send us the floor area and the tile sizes you would like, guided by our standard sizes, or EMG can advise you on what would be the best size to use. If you would like some assistance from one of our expert designers we will be glad to answer any of your email requests and suggest what we feel would be most appropriate for you.

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