Egyptian Mosaics

Mosaics are the art of creating images with small pieces of tiles. It may be a technique of decorative art, an aspect of interior decoration or of cultural and spiritual significance for example in a cathedral.

There are three main methods: the direct method, the indirect method, and the double indirect method. Read more about the three techniques on our website.


Sunny Marble - Beige Tiles - Egyptian Marble Exporter

Rondon Sunny

Galala Tumbled Tiles - Limestone in Egypt

Galala Tumbled Tiles

Tumbled Engraved Tiles - Egyptian Limestone

Tumbled Engraved Tiles

Galala Marble - Honed Tiles

Honed Tumbled Galala

Sunny Tumbled Tiles - beige marble from egypt

Sunny Tumbled Tiles

Galala Tumble Golden Tiles - Egypt slabs

Galala Tumble Golden Tiles

Diamond Tumbled Tiles - Wall Tiles

Diamond Tumbled Tiles

Galala Limestone - Egypt Tiles

Honed Galala Tiles

Khatmia Polished Tiles - Egyptian Marble

Khatmia Polished Tiles

Golden Tumbled Washed Tiles - wall Tiles

Golden Tumbled Washed Tiles

Galala Tumbled Honed Tiles - Flooring marble

Galala Tumbled Honed Tiles

Diamond Golden Tiles - Egyptian marble

Diamond Golden Tiles

Melia Tumbled Tiles - Import Marble From Egypt

Melia Tumbled Tiles

Galala tile - Beige tiles

Golden- Melia browen- Galala

Available mosaic tile sizes

20 x 20mm - 9.5 sheets per m², used for pool mosaic
20 x 60mm - Sheet size: 318 x 318mm (60 mosaics per sheet, 10 sheets per m²)
20 x 40mm - 11.11 sheets per m²
95 x 45mm - used for walls and bathroom floors
22 x 73mm - 13 sheets per m²
25 x 25mm - 10 sheets per m²
18 x 18mm - 10.75 sheets per m² for hexagons
10 x 47mm - 11 sheets per m²

EMG can provide any design of mosaic.  Send your design and the applied area's dimensions to our e-mail: and we will be able to determine the amount and collection of material needed.

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