Jerusalem Limestone Polished


Jerusalem Limestone Polished

Further information
Origin: Egypt
Calibrated: Yes
Suitable for walls: Yes in most cases, with the exception of the 600 x 600 x 15 size. Please check with your tiler for suitability.
Requires sealing: Yes
Matching mosaic: No
Suitable for external use: No
Suitable for underfloor heating: Yes

Jerusalem Limestone Polished

The Light Jerusalem Polished Limestone is a beautiful cream stone, with warming honey tones throughout.

The stone is packed full of pretty shell and fossil features, with soft grey and light pink veining adding further subtle detail.

The polished surface and beveled edge make the limestone perfect for a modern, sophisticated finish. A neutral colored stone, it would sit well in any kitchen or bathroom.

Our selection of limestone tiles offers a large variety of colors, sizes, and finishes.
Customers often perceive limestone to be a pale, chalky color but in reality, there is something to suit most interiors.

Our limestone range is available in a range of formats with large flagstones proving hugely popular for those seeking a traditional flagstone floor which looks centuries old, to large square tiles for those seeking an ultra-modern, contemporary look with minimal grout lines. 
Limestone is a sedimentary rock which has been formed over many years and it often contains beautifully preserved fossils, mottling, and natural variation.

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